Good leg workouts at home with out weights

Want a good leg workout that will give you a good deep down burn while building and toning your entire thigh muscles including your gluts, that you can do at home without weights? Try the five minute body-weightsquat routine. Here’s how you do it. Stand with

your legs about shoulder width apart and start doing squats, we recommend doing full squats if you can, and stopping just short of locking out at the top, keeping constant tension on your thigh muscles. After you do some with your legs about shoulder width apart, try moving your legs a little wider apart. Changing the width of your legs thought the routine. You can alternate between a close stance, medium, and wide so that you hit all around your thighs. Another trick to keep your back straight is to cross your arms in-front of you, placing your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder, keeping your elbows straight out in-front of you, and keeping your head up. This is a great little leg workout and it’s not easy to do if you are not used to this. So if you need to take little breaks during the 5 minutes, you can until you get used to going the full 5 minutes without stopping. Once you can do the full five minutes without stopping, you can see how many squats you are doing and try to beat that number next time. After you’re done, you can do calf raises doing the same sort of thing. If you can, do these on a block or something where you can go all the way down, performing a full range of motion. That’s it, and there you have a short but effective leg workout in less then 10 minutes at home without weights.



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